MBD is a photo-realistic metaverse where individuals can engage in business, play, learn, and have access to the best services through an experience that is more engaging and immersive than a web page full of text.

True Defi

MBD will be the world’s first Decentralized 360 financial solution in the metaverse. It is designed to allow users to dictate their own terms. This platform will enable people to control every aspect of financial transactions they conduct, and to do so with the confidence that no third party will impose any unforeseen terms on transactions.
This is a financial platform by the people, for the people. MBD was created with a worldwide reach in mind, meeting the banking needs of any citizen. MBD will be particularly useful in developing countries because of its unique combination of education and financial resources.

Ethereum Virtual Machine

BSC is also compatible with the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM), thus garnering support from Ethereum tools and DApps.

Smooth Traffic Load

MBD will be able to handle loads significantly more efficiently. Because this is a decentralized system built on BSC, it has a lot of scaling potential as transaction volume grows over time. Unlike traditional finance systems that can experience slowed or delayed transactions due to volume, MBD was built with scaling in mind.

Cross-Chain Compatibility

Cross-Chain Compatibility: Cross-chain ability for the MBD BEP-20 token allows for it to be used on other chain platforms as well incentivizing and benefitting the users through flexibility.