Business Development:

From starting a small business to established businesses setting up a space in MBD, businesses at all levels have the opportunity to lease space, sell a product or service, interact with customers, and more.

Trade Finance:

All financial activities related to international trade and commerce are referred to as trade finance. Paperwork such as letters of credit and invoices are carried out online by management systems; however, they take a long time. As a result, MBD's platform can streamline the process by reducing paperwork, time as well as regulations.

Real Estate:

MBD includes significant real estate in the metaverse, with opportunities for buying, selling, and investing. Smart contracts will bind buyers and sellers to an immutable transaction. All of the procedures referring to renting, selling, and buying will be in the form of NFT to demonstrate authenticity and proof of ownership. Rent from buildings and apartments may provide passive income to MBD users.


Healthcare companies can easily store data and allow users to access all medical records, simplifying the process for both patient and provider.


There will be ample space dedicated to entertainment, including gaming, sports, immersive arts, wagering, and more.

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