DeFi, or decentralized finance, is challenging how traditional institutions operate their business and serve customers. Blockchain technology and its commitment to grant users total transparency and autonomy has prompted calls for change in financial services. MBD aims to take advantage of this momentum and elevate the financial system to a whole new level. By eliminating the necessity for consumers to use traditional finance techniques, people’s funds will be in their own hands rather than in the hands of large institutions that emphasize profits over all else.
The basis of MBD is a mixed reality metaverse district to serve all financial needs, ranging from virtual financial buildings to business startups to individual users. Users will be able to use their account to participate in financial activities, earn MBD coins (via taking education courses or teaching courses to others), trade and invest digital assets, secure funding for businesses, and more. To securely transfer digital ownership of assets and goods, MBD will include an NFT trading platform.
MBD will be utilizing cross-blockchain compatibility to maximize its scalability with the intention of serving customers all over the world, and to be able to handle traffic far more adequately than traditional financial systems.