FD / Founder & CEO
Founder & CEO with extensive background in international corporate finance, AR, MR, VR and AI technology.
May Mahboob / Co-Founder & President
Growth-minded President with a solid track record of successfully transforming global brick and mortar companies into innovative market leaders, while maximizing investor returns.
OV / Chief Revenue Officer
Chief Revenue Officer with over 14 years of experience growing company revenue through various channels and partnerships. background in strategic planning and tactical execution.


Brad Guilbault
Lindsay Poss
Asaf Kuper


Mr. Guilbault is a senior technology evangelist and strategic executive consultant with 20+ years in the industry. As a graduate in computer science, Mr. Guilbault studied at Champlain College and McGill University in Canada. Mr. Guilbault believes in the power of technology and its capabilities to positively impact and transform lives firsthand.

Lotus Partners

Ms. Poss is a digital media and marketing specialist with a background in data analytics. Previous experience in communications and research specifically on technology policy issues. Passionate about Web3, privacy, and creating great content.


Mr. Kuper is a 20+ years Microsoft veteran with an extensive experience in growing business & driving customer impact. Passionate about creative minds, new business ideas, with keen interest in developing partnerships, international projects, business solutions and business development, as well as multicultural environments and languages. Asaf’s journey has led him from Development, Consulting, Engagement Management to Management. Certified Mental Coach, Asaf has been educated by the best in the industry.
Treasurer and former Council Member, Cardano Foundation.
Denish Patel
Nishar A
Mario Cole
Raj A. Kapoor
Mr. Patel is a strategic technology leader with over decade of experience solving business problems using technologies for companies in various domains such as Crypto, FinTech, Retail, IT Consulting and Healthcare. He took on challenges with a growth mindset to achieve the desired outcomes. Over last decade, he has played leadership & individual contributor roles at small to large companies; Lead Database SRE at Coinbase.
Bitrue Exchange
Exchange Listing strategist, Blockchain & Cryptocurrency advisor.
META (Facebook)
Mr. Cole has a long history of infrastructure design and scaling to exceed business growth and goals. He has worked across multiple industries such as Facebook, Synacor, and Cloudmark service providers, social media, and businesses with messaging infrastructure and anti-abuse mitigation. His skills have led him from system administration to presales engineering to production engineering and co-founding his own company that provided messaging services for cable companies.
India Blockchain
Mr. Kapoor is the Founder of India Blockchain Alliance and an Advisory Board Member at several blockchain companies like 5ire, Floyx and Chainsense UK and the Founder and Chairman of the India Blockchain Alliance, the largest Indian emerging technology tech think tank. He is a global, Blockchain &Cryptocurrency & FinTech Educator, Certified Bitcoin Professional (CBP), Blockchain Solution Architect, and friend of disruptive ideas.
John Aggrey
Michael Rava
Sanjay Mendis
Unicorn Group
Mr. Aggrey is the Chairman & Chief Executive Officer of The Unicorn Group, an Executive Relationship Marketing firm. He has spent many years in the technology sector and is responsible for the vision and long-range strategic plan for the company. Under his leadership the company has delivered services for over 130 companies worldwide.
Marketing Expert
Mr. Rava is an entrepreneur, influencer, consultant, advisor, investor, full-stack marketer, brand and retail expert, social media visionary, strategist for future tech trends, keynote speaker and transformation expert. As a high-end networker with over 30 years of business experience he has shattered quotas and outpaced competitors.
Dwealth Education
Ms. Albright is a recognized authority, thought provoker and frequent speaker on topics relating to fintech, digital finance, decentralized finance cryptofinance, peer finance & crowd finance and how all of this financial innovation is transforming the retirement infrastructure.
Crypto & Blockchain Strategist
Mr. Mendis primary skills and expertise lie in enabling organizations to achieve exponential revenue growth through digital transformation. He is an advocate of transitioning into blockchain, digital currency and assets, and is strongly embedded within multiple global Blockchain projects.