Mission Statement

Metaverse Business District (MBD) aims to empower every individual to own and control their financial freedom by creating an intuitive digital cross-chain platform in the metaverse. The project will provide opportunity for every unique individual as well as communities, businesses, and charitable organizations to thrive in a decentralized, photorealistic digital world where equitable services are readily available.

About the Project

MBD is a cross-chain, immersive, photo-realistic virtual reality powered by blockchain technology. Users can engage in a variety of financial transactions and activities through a range of technology, from VR headsets and haptic suits to the easily accessible smartphone. MBD is a place where people can meet, work, and have fun with people thousands of miles away. We believe in empowering people to financial freedom and creating a land of economic opportunity.

Users can not only enjoy the freedom and flexibility of digitized services but can turn their time into further value by teaching skills to others. Education is a core tenet of MBD, and we believe in rewarding those who choose to share their skills and spread the use of our platform to others.

Compatible with the intention of blockchain, MBD will be governed by use of a token to allow users to collectively make institutional decisions, which puts the power back in the hands of the people.

MBD’s roadmap and social impact scope include decentralized services and deliverables such as:

  • Cross-chain AI NFT Marketplace

  • 360 Defi Platform

  • Fiat and Crypto Financial Investment Opportunities

  • Digital Real Estate Exchange

  • Globalized Educational Services

  • Health and Wellness

  • Entrepreneurial Marketplace

  • Advertising opportunities

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