Welcome to MBD Financials.

As the proverb goes, β€œnecessity is the mother of invention,” and the age of invention is upon us. Blockchain, first introduced in the now famous white paper by the pseudonymous Satoshi Nakamoto has ushered in a new era. Blockchain has impacted several different industries, but mostly notably has led to the rise of Decentralized Finance, or DeFi.

MBD will be the world’s first decentralized 360-degree solution, photorealistic business district in the metaverse. MBD aims to fully embrace DeFi principles to create an all-encompassing platform available across the world and with any device, from smart phones to AR/MR/VR technology. We are providing users with means to monetize their online experiences while learning how to set themselves up for financial success. The goal of the project is to provide financial freedom and autonomy in countries around the world, especially developing ones, and to bring everyone into the digital age of finance in a truly decentralized way.

MBD’s project will provide opportunities for individuals as well as communities, businesses, and charitable organizations to thrive in a decentralized virtual world where equitable services are readily available. MBD’s roadmap and social impact scope are centered around giving people ultimate control over their financial future.

We started MBD because we grew up in communities where we weren't always afforded the best opportunities. We understand what it's like to have limitations simply because of where you're born, or who you are. MBD is an opportunity to change that. We believe that financial freedom is the first step to unlocking the potential that is in these communities and are dedicated to bringing the right tools to people who deserve them.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.

Fred and May


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