What It Looks Like

Imagine powering up a device and entering into MBD’s Financial District. The first step is to create an avatar using MBD’s tools. Users can create an avatar to be made of their own image and likeness or use their creativity to create a character of their choosing. That avatar can then walk out into the metaverse, and explore a busy street full of buildings, people, lights, and sounds. There are businesses, financial services, shops, and vendors. Other avatars are moving about, exploring the space and engaging in activities. Users are made to feel immediately comfortable by the life-like features of this metaverse.

As users explore more deeply and begin to interact with the different services available, they have the opportunity to earn tokens to pay for NFTs, sell for a profit, pay for goods and services, or pay with tokens for real world purchases.

Financial Use Cases

The tools and opportunities offered by MBD will be available and effective in several industries.

Financial Services:

Users have the opportunity to create and use intuitive services for financial transactions. Without the barrier of government issued IDs, among other requirements for financial accounts, many more users will be able to access personal financial services from the comfort of their homes.

Financial Settlements:

MBD can assist in monitoring and settling transactions. As a result, financial institutions will no longer need to rely on custodial and regulatory intermediaries. The validators can handle monetary settlements.


The blockchain ledger is best known for its immutable, impermeable, and transparent transactions. Users will easily be able to access records of funds being transferred from one account to any other account in a digital format, providing an easily accessible record for any individual, business, or enterprise.

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